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Something to think about before Christmas

As we all know how mostrous holidays might be in terms of food indulgence, here is an article about one little step to salvation. Run or cycle before holiday food consumption and you are more fit for life. I would like to close my eyes to some reason-to-result generalizations of the article but focus more onto the key line in it – doing cardio before breakfast really helps to burn more calories afterwords. It was proved by my personal experience not once when I had been runnig on empty stomach with just one cup of coffee with lemon drunk for nerve stumalation effect. Coffee is a great energy booster whereas lemon is magic and natural free acid radicals killer. Injoy full version of the article here

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Olga Salimova is a personal trainer with figuring competition experience and a soul founder of Wild West Fit Tours. She enjoys sport, art, poetry, cooking.

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