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Feel like a shark on a plankton diet? Here is a way to eat a lot and healthy!

Being obsessed with protein food we know that protein is 1. A key to the muscle quality and growth, and 2. A minimal amount of calories consumed with the maximum energy spent to digest. To digest protein food our body spends about 30-40% of the overall digestive energy. For comparison, the percentage of energy required to digest fat constitutes 4-14%, and 4-7% goes to carbs digesting. In order to level up metabolism by 10-15%, all you need is to maintain the required minimum of protein in your diet.

A person who does not exercise and has sedentary life style needs 70-100 grams of protein daily in order to keep his nutrition balanced. Whereas those people who are serious about keeping their muscles toned and/or growing need much more, up to 1.5 grams of protein per each pound of body weight.

This salad has three different types of protein, each of which with its own amino acid combination. It is also quite delicious and was inspired by my barber.

You started to look suspiciously square and pumped up? Say “thanks” to the salad!

This recipe is published in Russian at Here it is in English.

Salad of the Moscow Barber with Shrimp, Potatoes, Eggs and Chicken Breasts

1 large potato, soaked in cold water over night to reduce starch, and then boiled

1 egg, boiled and cut lengthwise

10-12 large shrimp, deveined and shelled

1 chicken breast, cut lengthwise twice

1 large cucumber, cut in chunks

1 sweet corn on the cob, boiled

1 small onion, cut coarsely

3 tablespoons sour cream or yogurt

3 tablespoon Moroccan mustard*

1 tablespoon olive oil

Dash of kosher sea salt

Dash of freshly and coarsely ground black pepper

A small bunch of parsley or cilantro

  1. At first, fry the shrimp quickly and cut corn seeds from the cob.
  2. Cut potato coarsely, add cucumber, shrimp, corn seeds, onion, parsley or cilantro.
  3. To make sauce, in a small bowl mix together sour cream or yogurt, mustard, olive oil and salt. Add the sauce to the other ingredients and stir.
  4. Over high heat, fry quickly slices of chicken breast and put it on top of your salad. Garnish with the egg, black pepper, parsley or cilantro.

Remember that chicken white meat as well as shrimp does not like long cooking, requiring quick frying over high heat which allows it to seal the juice. Otherwise, the meat turns out dry and rubbery. To fry the shrimp from each side one needs only a minute. For the thinly sliced chicken breast 1.5 minute may be enough for each side.

*Moroccan mustard gives an extra twist to the simple dish like this. You can use any other mustard, and it will be just fine. Or you can make Moroccan mustard by yourself mixing any kind of your favorite mustard with an assortment of Middle East spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cumin, garlic, cayenne pepper.


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