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It Is A Pity That This Year Olympics Do Not Include Hot Dog Eating. I Would Like To See That!

The is an extract from today’s America’s Test Kitchen news letter by Christopher Kimball.
“In the world of radio, I spent July 4th at Coney Island, covering Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition. More than 5,000 people showed up to see Joey Chestnut eat 68 hot dogs and buns; Sonya Thomas downed 45 in the same amount of time: 10 minutes. Next month, I will offer you a homemade video of the event, complete with the dancing “Bunettes,” the apple pie dive with Greg Louganis, and more insanity than most folks see in a whole year.”
I am looking forward to see the winners:)

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Olga Salimova is a personal trainer with figuring competition experience and a soul founder of Wild West Fit Tours. She enjoys sport, art, poetry, cooking.

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