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How to read all the posts in English

Hey, thank you for browsing my blog!
The thing is, I still did not figure out how to place a language switch button in my blog. Perhaps since it’s a blog (not a site), and since I use a pre-designed template, it does not allow me to add some things I would wish to add.
But there is a way to find all the English language posts I’ve ever published. If you click on any tag in English in the right hand side of the blog, you’ll be able to see them. Also, if you don’t want them to be filtered by subject, you just click the tag called “In English” and keep go to the previous posts clicking on the arrow in the bottom of the page. Here it is on the picture I attached.
Hope, it is helpful. Sorry for inconvenuence.
Have a nice day and a lot of great workouts!


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Olga Salimova is a personal trainer with figuring competition experience and a soul founder of Wild West Fit Tours. She enjoys sport, art, poetry, cooking.

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