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The guiding moon,
It slides and melts.
We are awake.
It smells
With blood and good
Hunting is ahead.

This night invites
All striped and red
Beasts that are led
By pheromone net
Of sounds, smells
And waves of air
Of striving hooves
And horns.

We are two tigers
Sniffing the earth
And trees and wires
Made of the molecules
Of leaves and moss,
The victim’s sweat and, alas!
The seconds of the heart beat
Before the jump.

We don’t need the eyes
As we can walk
Without sight,
Without light.
The only things
Which guide
Are guts and heart.

The world is writing
A new page
For those of you
Who might not escape.
And it begins with one
And only word
Capable to create
A shield for soul
But not the body, nope!
This word is “HOPE”.


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