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Remember the song’s words
“Sunday was a bright day
I heard them and I thought
Of you today,
Of that your heart was lost in dream,
In hopes, fears to be forgot,
Intensely recollected beam
Of experience.

You said you fell through
A floor inside yourself
And landed amid the struggle.
Your life is just a book which on the shelf
Stays still and dusty.
You said life ate men
As if they were an air. Musty
All seems around you. And then

I said, “Look, wait a minute.
It’s Monday.
Let yesterday be mute.
Let it be once alive, then go dead.
Let burning kisses of that day
To melt away and dread
For straightaway.
Lets calibrate the present
To new reality, happiness,
Which is the same as suffering
But backwards.

Two sides of single coin –
Head and tail.”
I said, “You’d better hook
A fish of memory to gain
Your strength and throw the bite
Into the dry and frightened mouth of life.”


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