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Tough Mudder: Traci’s Parting Words To Us, Tough Mudders


Gym Peeps!
Good and Happy Friday Morning! Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about your Physical Strength, Commitment, Mental Toughness, Determination, Motivation, Endurance, Drive, Courage, Perseverance & the Gym Peeps Team Bond and Faith in yourselves and each other!

Believe in Yourself,
Push Your Limits,
Experience Life,
Conquer your Goals (and the Tough Mudder)
Be Happy!

Our thoughts and prayers will be with you tonight as you get a restful night’s sleep and tomorrow when you Face the Tough Mudder! You truly learn what you are made of when you face life’s “obstacles” that before you did not before think you could survive! You will finish the race feeling Amazing and Strong and with a renewed understanding of how truly tough you are both inside and out!

Love you Ladies! Go Show that course what you are made of!



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