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Beer, Bicycles & Prostates

I talk a bit about bicycles, fitness in general and weight training in particular. I even talk about wine, but never about beer. I have always considered beer as an outcast of fitness world, and for obvious reasons I suppose. Some are not agree with me and are able to combine both. It may look ridiculous, silly, funny, insane but it takes place. To me, it just confirms that people are not gods, not perfect. We have as much craziness and dirt in us as we have goodness and striving to be better. Denver, a city of my favorite state Colorado is facing a beer festival soon where taste, sport and health will be combined. It will have a lot of food, both literally and metaphorically speaking, to digest. Among the things to be amazed with and to discuss are a beer brewer traveling by bike from Austin, Tex. The Long Road To The Festival , beer drinkers consuming beer to raise funds for prostate cancer foundation Pints For Prostates , beer testers bringing beer to the level of wine complexity The Great American Beer Festival.
This news are provided by my friend Kate O’Hara who is launching beer TV next Tuesday in Apple Store with her team.




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