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Fitness & Neuromuscular Therapy

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Have you ever wished to be a tiny cute cell inside a human body adventurous enough to be a part of complicated machinery? To be able to follow the stream of lively energy and fluids? To participate in one grandeur mission of make this massive and powerful device called human body function? For me, my own body was always an experimental base, a point of my curiosity. Bodies of others – the objects of admiration and even falling in love with. I still think that as we were gifted with bodies, it is our responsibility to take care about them, to love them and at least to try to get to know each other and get along. Our physical image is indeed our best buddy. May be that is why I am drawn to technology, science, practices and people behind them when it comes to physiology and mechanics of the body.

Some time this summer I’ve got introduced to Steve Willi, a neuromuscular therapist practicing in Jackson, MI. As me, Steve came to his sphere of business out of pure curiosity and desire to help people to feel better. He could go different ways but his choice was a rare and unique field of neuromuscular and myofacial therapy. Being an athlete, I am not an exception of being subjected to a couple of problems with my back. My muscles, being hyper-toned, cause tightness in my back. I went for a session of therapy with Steve.

In his therapy Steve uses a system of soft tissue massage techniques aimed to balance the central nervous system with the musculoskeletal system and thus to correct any disorders brought about as a result of any imbalances between the two. Neuromuscular therapy enhances the function of joints and muscles, and speeds healing by facilitating the release of endorphins. Neuromuscular therapy provides complete and effective relief from chronic pain, repetitive strain, postural problems, tension, or recovery from an injury. It is used for the freeing and relief of chronically tense, contracted, and painful tissues. The therapist is required to have a high degree of anatomical precision, specificity and skilled palpation. Neuromuscular therapy combined with myofascial therapy is considered true medical massage. Neuromuscular therapy works by addressing the following six physiological factors: trigger points (trigger points are highly irritable points in the nervous system), nerve entrapment/compression, postural distortions, nutrition, ischemia, stress.

Myofascial therapy is a safe, highly effective, whole-body approach to treating the fascial system. Myofascial therapy uses skilled, manual techniques to apply sustained pressure into the fascia to reduce and eliminate fascial restrictions. Myofascial therapy has been extremely successful in treating all levels of pain, restoring function and mobility, and improving overall cellular health. The fascial system is considered one of the most influential systems of the body due to its anatomical and physiological role. To fully comprehend the myofascial therapy, it is important to understand the significance of fascia.

Fascia is a strong connective tissue that spreads throughout the body from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, three dimensionally, without interruption. Fascia is similar to the threads in a fabric. It is an interwoven fibrous net that covers and encapsulates every structure in the body including bones, muscles, organs, nerves and blood vessels, all the way down to the cellular level. Fascia surrounds every single cell in the body! Myofascial restrictions are believed to exert crushing pressure on the muscular and skeletal systems as well on other pain sensitive structures, like nerves and blood vessels. You can read more about it on Steve’s website

So, why am I talking about Steve? I met Steve last week in order to get to know him more and to discuss our potential cooperation in promoting fitness training and my fitness tours in Colorado. And a lot of interesting information has been poured onto me about the therapy. I understood that we could indeed work together and Steve could be a valuable asset for my fit tours as fitness and muscle stress relief go together. I wanted you to know that there is me, a personal trainer and fitness lover for life, there is Steve, a muscle and neuron specialist, there is Cynthia, an experienced and dedicated yoga teacher, and a bunch of others ready to join efforts for your whole fitness/organic tour experience in American frontier. Having more professionals in the network will surely help to customize the trip to your needs.

Right now, Steve and me are thinking about developing a program for local crowd which will include neuromuscular therapy, functional training and stretching, and balanced food plan with an option of food being catered and delivered to a fitness enthusiast. Let me know what you think about this idea.

Have a good training!


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