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Yoga & Fitness in Colorado

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Ok, some people ask me a question about the type of yoga taught during Wild West Fit Tour, a fitness tour for those who understand the pleasure and benefits of healthy vacation with lots of nature, organic food, fitness and relaxation.

Our yoga teacher is Cynthia Weir, who teaches Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is considered the most comprehensive of yoga traditions, combining meditation, mantra, physical exercises and breathing techniques; it is a Raj Yog, encompassing the eight limbs of yoga into a singular practice of excellence and ecstasy. “Kundalini” literally means “the curl of the lock of hair of the beloved.” This poetic metaphor alludes to the flow of energy and consciousness that exists within each of us, and enables us to merge with – or “yoke” – the universal Self. Fusing individual and universal consciousness creates a divine union, called “yoga.” For thousands of years, this sacred science and technology was veiled in secrecy, passed along verbally from master to chosen disciple.

A typical Kundalini Yoga class includes six major components: 1) tuning-in with the Adi Mantra, 2) pranayam or warm-up, 3) kriya, 4) relaxation, 5) meditation and 6) close with the blessing song, “May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You”. Kriyas are complete sets of exercises that are performed in the sequences given by the teacher. They can be simple short sequences or they may involve vigorous, even strenuous exercises, and strong breath techniques such as Breath of Fire, which challenge and strengthen the nervous and endocrine systems and test the will of the practitioner beyond the limitations of their ego.

Our Bolder based Kundalini Yoga teacher, Cynthia, who also owns a small ranch and B&B with two horses, miniature donkeys and bees, received her Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and Certification through the Golden Bridge Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Training Program, Los Angeles, CA at the Boulder, CO location.  Her introduction to yoga began when she was 12 years old at the Sivananda Yoga Center with her Grandmother who was a Hatha Yoga teacher. Yoga would remain in the background of her life as she built a career in Investment Management which culminated in the position of a Vice President with the Harris Bank in Chicago. Several years ago, she made her way back to her roots in the West and back to yoga.  As a wife and as a mother of a 14-year old, she is most interested in the work of yoga off the mat. Being a “householder’, she builds a rural life and finds great support and enrichment from her yoga practice and enjoys sharing the wisdom with others, helping them discover the healthy, joyful, prosperous and fulfilling lives that we as humans were meant to create.


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