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10-Day Plan To Beautiful & Healthy You

This is a new program developed by me as a personal trainer and Stephen Willi, a neuromuscular therapist. We decided to create the program as we believe a lot of people would benefit from it. And it is also going to be fun, as beside conditioning training and neuromuscular therapy it also includes food. Not only the menu is figured out for your particular needs, but your daily meal is catered for you. Being a long time cook enthusiast and having a lot of knowledge about nutrition, I would love to share some of my healthy recipes and exciting tastes with everyone interested in making a change, eating healthier and living better.

Whom is this program for?
– Everyone who has chronic pain which interferes with his/her training and/or prevents weight loss
– People with injuries struggling to maintain their healthy lifestyle
– Those experiencing soreness and tightness after weight training
– People looking for diversity and keeping fit through experience of new exercises, muscle relieve and good food.




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