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Favorite questions of Russian classics – Whose fault? and What to do?


I keep asking myself a question of why the food we eat is of such a bad quality? The issue is definitely complex and triggers another question – what is the cause of many health problems including obesity and genetic deceases? The responses people give vary from mentioning a lack of personal responsibility when making food choices to the subjective definition of quality and to the need of food reform worldwide. In other words, everybody is trying to find solution to existing problem with just a few realizing the source of it. So, I think it is crucial to answer the question Why? first before we ask a question What to do about it?

Being an industry (and a purpose of any industry is profit generating), food production went to the stage when its product became of worse quality then it used to be at the beginning of industry development. Rules of mass production led to treating plants, cattle and processes with an array of chemicals to promote growth, suppress spoilage and prolong shelf life. These decisions were made without public concern and awareness, any moral observations and consequences realized. By the time public noticed and realized, it was too late. The damage has been already made, the natural cause of events required a next step – finding a solution.

I think that the solution is rethinking and changing the whole system with regard not only to food industry along but to all other industries. We need to deal not with consequences but with the source. If continue dealing with consequences, we will follow a predetermined route of creating other faux industries with the hope to fix the former one, and this route will never be completed. Health and fitness industries has already been created for this purpose. They will and they do raise questions regarding their own product/service quality and efficiency.

It is important not to try to fix a problem but to fix a system of industry formation and development with recognition of morality. Before a decision is made, society in form of government or other influential organizations, has to have a mechanism of evaluation.

Fitness should be understood not as a solution to fight decease but as one of the activities driven by natural human qualities together with art and contemplation. This is something that we as humans enjoy doing without any particular reason. Whereas art is a spiritual activity and contemplation is an intellectual one, fitness is physical.


So, these are the thoughts of today. Almost a manifesto:)


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