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Olive Garden New Logo

No, I am not a fan of Olive Garden. Rather, I am a very dedicated anti-fan of Olive Garden. But I must confess. I ate there once. My experience reflects the one of all those people who, guided by some evil hand of providence, happened to eat there as well as it insults the experience of those who still eat there. Since my only and memorable trip to Olive Garden every time I eat a salad I pity everyone who did not have a chance or ability to know the better and feel privileged and happy to have superior meal on the table. That salad from Olive Garden was an apotheosis of a bad salad with overacidic thin dressing, canned acetous olives, tasteless romaine and red onions. I remember I’ve been having that sour taste in my mouth for a whole day while the memory of it stuck for a lifetime. And this is just a salad. I even do not talk about that plastic tasting dead faceless (or I suppose plastic taste and deadness may be considered as a trait of a character) dish with leaking sauce and preserved shrimp embryos called pasta marinara with added shrimp. I share these memories with you because I just read a pretty funny article about Olive Garden new “renaissance”, as it is called by Olive Garden representatives, logo. Enjoy here

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Olga Salimova is a personal trainer with figuring competition experience and a soul founder of Wild West Fit Tours. She enjoys sport, art, poetry, cooking.

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