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Two very different poems

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1. Meditative poems. I wrote this poem one day this week. I woke up in the morning and was glad to see bright spring sun in the window, and it was quiet and very peaceful and I just wrote what I saw in front of me and what I felt like. Soil covering rocks in the pots with succulents look exactly like little teeth. I recalled that when I was a little girl, my mom used to say that when I lose my calf’s tooth I should find a very small crack or a hole in a wall, in a floor or in a tree and put my tooth there so the mice could take it away to their home. I do not know why mice needed my little tooth but at that time I thought it was important. I was also supposed to say something to them. I cannot remember what though. Do not know whether such kind of play exists anywhere else besides Russia.

In the quiet morning
I could hear the mice
Carrying babies’ teeth
To the sacred place.

In the light of sunshine
I saw the way a blind man sees
The beauty of succulents
On my table.

After moon descended
Taking the dreams away,
I could feel the touch of squirrel’s palms
On the walnut shell in a bowl.

Is the day when I won’t
Draw circles in the dusty ground.
Today is the day when I’ll look up and may be
I’ll see the heart of a cloud.

2. Emotional poems. This one is written just yesterday.


A drop of poetry in my morning coffee
A drop of rain outside
I meet this day with open eye
Voice hush and swollen tongue

In afternoon I gain spirit
My heart being targeted with arrow
Of a bowman of Sun
I fly through day

The darkest shadow of dark evening here to come
And suffocating silence is my gun
It shoots the words and splatters them like wine
Onto my lips to keep me sane
To keep away from crying

There is a lot of inspiration here and here.


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