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Bodybuilders like unusual plants and everything related such as The Root System Nursery full of cacti and succulents, or Angel’s Floral Creations with its floral arrangements.

I know, I know, another blog post with pictures of plants. I just can’t stop. I’ve got obsessive-compulsive behavior toward them. And now, when I discovered more curious plants to share

I recently found a good match to my oversized martini and margarita glasses – cute little species which eventually will grow bigger. Tillandsias. This shop here sells them and delivers safe. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised when having found them lovingly wrapped in dark green wrapping paper with name stickers on it, detailed growing instructions and a thank you letter signed by the seller. The detailed instructions had underlined and marked parts which the seller wanted you to pay attention to. All this not mechanical by human touches make me feel good.

So, if you do not know what tillandsias are, here is a link with information. You also can check this blogs out for pictures Cactus Blog, Succulents And More, Danger Garden.

You will be amazed that pineapple plant (I’ve got one thanks to my friend Bonnie from County Market flower department), orchids and tillandsias – all represent the same family – Bromeliaceae.

Melanocrator Tricolor




Caput Medusae


Brachycaulos Abdita





And for your enjoyment, here are some visuals with succulents from the web
Flora Grubb Gardens
The Outlaw Gardener
Cactus Blog
Succulents And More
China succulents from, their lava rock mini planters, succulent tea lights, and floral specimen shadowbox
Architectural pottery with succulents from The Dwell Store, their window planter box
Roger’s Gardens
Succulent plants basket from Coco Stitch
Succulent chair pinned by Alicia Neth
Succulents assorted by co2bu


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  1. Olga,
    Thank you so much for sharing our website, airplantsupplyco!!
    I love these little boys & girls and it makes me very happy to see them displayed so beautifully!! Your photos are outstanding… 🙂

    Enjoy your new babies,
    ~ Linda


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