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Notes From The House On The Lake

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– Zucchini which are not zucchini –

Who said that cucumbers cannot be grilled? One evening, I came home later than usual and hungry like a street dog. Having decided not to spend much time cooking, Tom grilled lamb chops and sweet corn. He also grilled two zucchini. Only zucchini turned out not to be zucchini but cucumbers. I savored them with even more gusto than if they were zucchini.

– The guardian of the cactus –

Someday cacti will cause me a trouble. Last week, I was walking home when I stumbled upon a giant cactus in a cobalt pot. The cactus was pachycereus marginatus, which is known as Mexican fence post. It stood there leaning against a brick wall and observed passersby. It was taller than me. It’s neat and organized rows of white thorns ran along cylindrical posts making it look striped from a distance. The cactus was a rugged traveler from Mexico and did not care much about its current location. Serenity and wisdom of an old vaquero. I came closer to take a picture but was barked away by a dog. The dog was furious and it quickly occurred to me that he was the guardian of the cactus.


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